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This project involves the restoration and re-development of the Nant Flour Mill as a premium whisky distillery and private tasting lounge.

Situated on the historic National Trust listed Nant Estate (circa 1821) in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, the Nant Distillery is a farm based whisky distillery. At the centre of the distillery complex is the Old Mill built on the estate in 1823 and still used today for gristing barley to make our single malt whisky.

Meticulous restoration work was completed on the Mill mechanics so that the machinery could be used as part of the whisky making process. The new development, retains the existing Heritage Listed brick shed, sandstone mill and miller's cottage and adds a new glass atrium that re-interprets these buildings yet ties them together. This and other 'architectural interventions' contrast the heritage fabric giving a clear delineation of old.




Loic De Guilly

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