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Circa Morris-Nunn Chua Architects was formed in Hobart, Tasmania in 2010 as an evolution of Morris-Nunn + Associates, the most awarded architects in Tasmanian history.

While building on the strong design ethic of MN+A, this evolution reflects a subtle change in the direction of the practice to one of an even more inclusive, studio based design approach that draws from a wide range of experience, values and expertise and allows a creative inventiveness unique to our office.

Circa Architects believes that dialogue and collaboration both inside and outside the studio are core to the success of our projects. This allows each new design to be examined from first principles. Best described as bespoke, projects are not formula driven but rather uniquely crafted for the particular place, drawing from its character, associations and memories.

A fundamental aim of Circa’s work (and that of MNA previously over the years) is to explore ways in which architecture can be more enlightened and socially humane. The resulting architecture has received considerable national and international recognition, producing tangible economic and cultural benefits not only to the immediate users, but also in the wider public realm, and thus transforming the way the community, in which the buildings form a part, perceives itself to be. Our buildings are creating cultural traditions of the future.


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