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As part of overall redevelopment of the former IXL site, a total of 34 new apartments were created on the site. The site is located between an industrial transport hub to the north, and Sullivans Cove to the south. Consequently an atrium space was set up on the northern face to act as both a buffer to the noise and activity of the industrial site while provide what is effectively a tromb wall that passively heats the suites behind.

Ranging in size from small studio / loft apartments to spacious double storey executive suites, each apartment has views to the harbour, to the south. The apartments are long, narrow spaces, however the top ‘penthouse’ apartments make use of the additional volume of the saw-tooth roof which also connects the spaces to its industrial surroundings.

Because of the depth of the building internal light courts were also added to provide internal daylight and relief.

Although originally designed as sole occupancy units a number are now managed as serviced apartments.





Chris Wilson

Peter Whyte

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