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A new roof structure, designed to provide a new covered area for markets, has been fabricated to cover part of the annulus shaped concrete slab, which is all that remains of the original locomotive roundhouse at the Inveresk Railway Workshops.

The overall shape echoes the former vernacular loco shed, but with its 14 metre clear span and distinctive suspended roof structure, it makes a dramatic new form on the Inveresk site. The curved shape was determined by buckling a rectangular plane, thus both the inner and outer edges are in fact the same overall length. The structure is combination of curved steel vaulted forms and suspended tensioning cables. The ridges are clad in clear polycarbonate sheeting, with the remainder of the roof and walls sheeted in corrugated iron. The rear is closed as was the original shed, but the inner side has been left open, but provided with removable fabric screens, instead of replicating the former shed’s doors.


National Architecture Awards Citation
Australian Institute of Architects (AUS)


Innovative Steel Award
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)


Architecture Australia



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