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Freya Solomon | B.Arch. M.Arch

Freya is an Architectural Graduate who completed her studies with a Masters of Architecture from RMIT University in 2020. Completing her thesis project during the Melbourne COVID lockdown she is ecstatic to be roaming mask free in Hobart.


In 2018 Freya spent time studying at the Arkitektskolen Aarhus in Denmark as part of RMIT’s exchange program. There she explored the nuances of danish sustainable design and consumed a drømmekage (dream cake) a week. Additionally in late 2019 Freya ventured to Barcelona to undertake a design studio under Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores (Flores and Prats).


In 2020 Freya was placed on the Vice Chancellors list for Excellence at RMIT university, graduating from her masters with a perfect GPA.

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