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Pipers Brook Vineyard

The winery designed by this practice for Pipers Brook Vineyards is a unique blend of French vinticultural symbols and traditions with Australian ideas. Wine making here occurs in sheds enclosing open courtyards and tank farms. The central tower is contains four red wine fermenters, but the traditional scale and feeling of its Bordeaux precedents are retained.

The nett result of our work was that the buildings were given the John Lee Archer Award for the finest public building constructed in this state over a triennium. For what is after all only a factory, this is a impressive commentary on the place making that has been achieved.

Recently a new extension at the rear has enlarged the facility further, the new building having a scissor frame roof structure emulating some of the beautiful medieval barns and has large underground vaulted cellars below.


RAIA Corporate Design Award 1991

RAIA John Lee Archer Triennial Award 1992



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