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Located in Goulburn Street, Hobart, this project is a conversion of the heritage listed ‘Bulls Head’ hotel (originally built 1828) into two inner-city apartments.

At the outset, it was felt that work within a building of such strength of character and historical importance must be minimal.


Given the conditions of the brief, including a tight budget, the proposal needed to be composed of a series of small-scale, material interventions. The accented use of materials lends greater clarity to the existing fabric, and is an approach that has been honed within the practice over a number of years. The interventions that were subsequently proposed sought to increase the livability and amenity of the existing spaces, while also heightening the experience of the original heritage fabric.

A key design challenge for the project was to reconcile and carefully rework the sectional relationship throughout the building, which, prior to any intervention, was split awkwardly across 5 ½ levels. The project works with the conditions and character of the existing heritage fabric, through a careful sequencing and arrangement of spaces and materials. Particular delight has been taken in detail, with the use of a minimal contemporary insertions set against the richness of the original fittings and textures.


Roy Smith Heritage Award
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)


Shortlisted for National AIA Award
Australian Institute of Architects (AUS)




Jonathan Wherrett

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