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Woolmers is one of Australia’s oldest intact Georgian colonial homesteads and was recently included on the World Heritage Listed Australian Convict Sites.

This particular project predates the World Heritage listing by 30 years. The Coachman’s Cottage was a 1820’s duplex cottage, where each half was family accommodation of three rooms, 2 up and one down and vice a versa. It had been uninhabited for over 100 years.

The exterior was rehabilitated back to its early colonial state with its twin lattice porches to each domicile. The interior adaption inserted a new central staircase to replace the two ladders, thus making the building into a single dwelling, and for the first time in 160 years, also adding a bathroom and a kitchen.

The building was Robert Morris-Nunn’s first architectural award at the end of his first year of private practice. The work on adapting Heritage buildings has continued to be an important ongoing part of the practice’s work since that time.


Heritage Award
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)



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