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Robert Morris-Nunn | Principal

Robert Morris-Nunn is regarded as one of Tasmania's most adventurous architects. In 2010 he was awarded the President’s Prize (Tas) by the Australian Institute of Architects, the award being seen as a Lifetime Achievement Award by the profession.


Recently he became a Member of the Order of Australia, the nation’s prestigious civic honours award. This award was the first OA to an architect practicing in Tasmania for over 15 years, and the very first as an achievement for an architect in charge of a design orientated practice.

Robert has practised in Tasmania for over 40 years and has taken a special interest in the social impact of architecture and collaborative design processes. The basic thrust of his work has been to explore new approaches towards a more enlightened, socially humane architecture. This has frequently involved working with the cultural heritage of Tasmania, including many major recycling projects, and as part of their resolution have often integrated innovative structural ideas incorporating timber.

He has won over 50 state and 4 national architectural awards, his work has been illustrated in international publications and he has been invited to lecture at many Australian and international conferences about his work. He was appointed as Adjunct Professor at the School of Architecture, University of Tasmania in 2008.

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