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Moss is a boutique hotel located across several addresses in Salamanca Place, the very heart of Hobart. The hotel is the result of the recycling of the upper floors of several of Hobart’s most historic properties, in order to create an appropriate new use for spaces that have been left largely redundant for many decades.


There are two distinct addresses, Nos. 39/41 and No.25. The overall concept is to bring Tasmania’s wilderness right into the very heart of Hobart’s urban environment. As much as possible, plants from the nearby natural reserves have been installed as green ‘living’ walls and unexpected indoor gardens outside the newly inserted guest rooms.


No.25 is distinct from 39/41 as in addition to a warehouse conversion there is a new tower at the rear of the site. Although small in footprint to nestle into the heritage surrounds of Salamanca Place the addition is distinctly contemporary with bold black concrete and green tinted glazing ensuring the new work has its own identity. 


The result integrates the past in a vibrant new way, bringing both natural planted elements and historic building fabric together as a very desirable tourism destination.


Tasmanian Architecture Medal
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)


The Colin Philp Award
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)




Adam GIbson

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