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Islington is one of Tasmania’s finest Regency mansions. Like many other historic properties, it was converted to bed and breakfast accommodation in the 1980s in a way that totally devalued the historic property.

The project focused on restoring the house to its former quality, and, in the process, created 11 new guest suites within the original building and the surrounding gardens as a hidden lower level under a reflective pool . Inside each guest suite new bathrooms with glowing translucent white marble shoji screen walls, provide a jewel like quality to compliment and add a new dimension to the colonial architecture. A large new central glazed conservatory/central dining area passively warms the interior of the old mansion.

Islington is a boutique hotel of unsurpassed quality, offering exceptional accommodation for discerning travellers coming to Tasmania.

View the Islington Hotel website here


Heritage Commendation
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)


George Negus Tonight: a section of a programme on innovative architecture, screened nationally in 2004

Australian Gourmet Traveller - Best Boutique Hotel, 2007

UK Tatler Magazine - 100 Best Hotels of the World

The Weekend Australian- Nominated for Best Luxury Accommodation 2006



Photo Credits

Peter Bennets

Loic Le Guilly

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