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This private residence is the conversion of two church halls into a new family residence and music studio.

The project brings together as a united whole, a disparate series of church buildings which have been constructed at different time periods - mainly a 1860's church hall with a major addition early in the 20th century of a second hall stepping up the hill. Throughout its life the building has had a number of different uses including church hall, forge, auction house, and more recently in 1992 it was converted into an artists residence and studio.

Thus Circa MN+A's revamping is the latest layering on a site which has evolved in many stages. Our work creates a cohesive entity out of the disparate adhoc elements, retaining them all but opening parts up and stitching them together to create a new unity.


Heritage Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Architects (TAS)


Excellence in Heritage Restoration
Master Builders (TAS)



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