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The redevelopment of an existing yard that had for decades been used to house mobile cranes and all their related equipment, and then more recently as a temporary car park, is now to proceed as a major new urban apartment complex.

The development comprises two blocks, one scaled to fit in with its neighbours, a narrow rear street of predominately 2 storey terraced houses; and a second larger block located on a visually dominant position at the top of Montpelier Street, a vista leading up from Salamanca Place, Hobart’s urban epicenter.

The crux of the design was to create Hobart’s most civilised urban apartments. All external facades are heavily vegetated with extensive planter boxes on all balconies, and also feature extensive openable shutters, adjustable to create the degree of openness / privacy decided upon by the residents of each unit. All walls including shutters are to be fabricated from charred timber slats. This varying pattern of being open and closed will change during the course of the day, and also with different seasons, in a manner not to dissimilar to the usage of historic external shutters on more traditional Georgian and Victorian houses


Received planning approval

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